This is a gift box from My Favorite Groomer, LLC.  There are two gift boxes available.  1) for the pet groomer 2) for the pet owner.  Even if you are a "groom your own pet - pet groomer" pick pet groomer if you want groomer tools.  If not, and you want goodies for your pet, then let me know "pet owner".  This is a surprise box that we keep track of.  If you have ordered a box make sure to put "repeat" in the notes so I know to pull your file and check which month you are receiving so you never get the same items.  It is a gift box, so it's all a surprise.  There are no refunds or returns as we are a small business, if you are unhappy with your gifts please share them with a family or neighbor pet or your nearby Veterinarian, Shelter, Groomer, Rescue group.  Thank you for sharing my journey with me, Dede. 

If you want $100 of your purchase when you choose this package to go towards pet rescue, pet food donation, or pet grooming.  Please put in the notes section.

Monthly Gift Program Platinum Package