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Extra tall cage measures 47 1/2"L x 23 5/8"W x 32 1/2"H

Regular cage measures 47 1/2"L x 23 5/8"W x 23 3/4"H

If you buy the entire set, you put the base down, that rolls, then you put the extra tall cage then the regular cage on top of the xl. Otherwise just pick a kennel that fits you best and get with or without rollers.


Metal cages that Dede uses in her house and in salon. You pick the size and or if you want the rolling base.  Dede loves to fit the large cage bank into her cargo van for long road trips for the Doodles.  Each Cage bank is designed for two dogs.  Coming with the plastic trays that slide out for cleaning and a divider panel so two stranger dogs can be in the same crate without seeing one another.  If you are able to do local pick up in Fort Worth Texas, choose that option, or call me for local pickup with cash rate; 817-676-1585.  For Local Pickup choose between "not built" or "built".  This listing is for black in color. The small bank is designed to fit on top of the small bank.  If you want the entire bank system, just add one of each to your cart. You can preorder for the base with wheels on the base with wheels listing.  The base should ship by 1 December 2021.

Building this is pretty basic and simple.  We vote this a 8 out of 10 in ease of building.  It's just bulky to build, make sure you have a good amount of space.  Paws can always get stuck in any cage flooring. So be aware and if this happens to you, we recommend sliding out the plastic tray and pushing the paw up.  Dede's Male Doodle is big, he can fit comfortably in the large kennel alone if or with the slider in.  He has been able to bend the grate a tad bit, but for his first year of life, this cage system has protected him from chewing everything up and swallowing anything he can get ahold of.  You can put a towel or sheet over the cage bank, but if you have a puppy, the pup may pull it in and chew it, including anything you put on top.  If you choose to stack towels etc on top, separate with a wood panel possible? If you opt to put bedding or padding in the cage over the grate, the urine and vomit or poo won't drain to the bottom.  Your puppy could also chew up the bedding and eat it up.  So, either way, consider all this experience when making your decision on if this cage system is best for you.  Dede recommends this for anyone who owns puppies who are crate training or still peeing in the house and or if you have a business with animals.  The best part is that like with kennels, they will not be walking on the pee and poo.  It will fall down. You can find rubber padding and make holes in it over and over and that can help, but it will not help you with poo.  This will help you and your pet not have so much to clean up after a long day at work or as needed.  It may even just help you control your household if you have many pets.  Do not kennel dogs together unless you are 100% they will not attack one another even if they know one another.  Some pets, even if family, like their own space and when unattended and crated, need to be crated alone.  In their own side.

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Modular Cages Bank for 2 dogs

$285.99 Regular Price
$228.79Sale Price
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