Canon Eos M50, pedestal, 128gb (recommend grow into having 2) and extra batteries for the Canon.


Dede uses all these same tools. She's done her homework so you don't have to.  Keep in mind everything is never perfect.  But, this is a great place and the SAME place Dede feels all should start.  She still has her first crappy camera, and the videos suck, so start here.  Save money so you can start here!

And always look to upgrade as technology ramps up and as you change the way you groom and do business.  

Use the quality of the pictures and video to start your own recordings and even share them with your clients and have some great before and after pictures!  


Add 8tb storage below.  


We use affiliates to build this kit for you, depending on the time of your order, prices may vary, if they do we will contact you. 





Groomers Video Camera Setup Kit

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