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This sample kit was built by request.  These oils are by the DROP. Choose your oil, put how many drops you want by choose quantity.  10 drops of Frankincense, choose quantity 10.  Hit "add to cart" come back and choose the bottle you want to put it in.  Tap the back bottle, dropper bottle, or roller bottle.  Choose quantity, Then add to cart.  If you forget to add the bottle, I will call you to have you add to your order.  At checkout be clear what oil and oil quantity in drops, you want in each type of bottle you pick. Cali, from California has bible study on Wednesdays.  This kit is for the human.  Before using on a pet, please research the oil and it's side effects with animals.  Some oils can be consumed, put on the skin, may require a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil - to dilute it) and some may not be consumed or used on the skin.  Dede uses oils in her diffuser as well, but some oils are too expensive in her opinion to use in a diffuser, she would rather implement those by consumption or applying on the bottom of her feet or on her body with a diluted oil. You want to know and read about the oils first.  In this kit, I am using the Doterra oil brand.  She specifically asked me to create a bible kit that they could all afford.  A kit that includes Frankincense and other oils, where, in usual cases, the 15ML bottle costs $100 alone!  So, here I have put together these oils in small drams for you to test, smell, and use.  Some oils are hard to make and therefore so expensive. Enjoy this kit made especially for you.  If you have a specific need, please ask, I will do my best in accommodating.  All Sales Are Final. I am not a Doctor or prescibing and such medicines and essential oils do not replace medicines.  Use at your own risk and at your own liability.

Essential Oil Bible Kit Ala Carte Price Per DROP

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