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All Sales Final.  As Stock sales out daily, I will try to get the color you want.  When you go to check out, at the bottom left of the screen, you will see "add notes".  Please put your top three color choice in that box.  Thank you Betty for working everyday on these masks.  I will try to ship out within 3 days.  Mask orders take precendence in all shipments at this time.  Military Mask orders; you can order under the Military mask link, to get the colors I know are conservative.


On the tip only choice, I will refund your shipping!  Betty is working day in and day out sewing non stop!  I will give Betty your tip direct! 


Betty is making them day in and day out for the world right now, here is who you are supporting:


They all have string attached. Made in the USA by hand by BETTY D! Feel free to tighten up the rubber bands for tighter fit by rotating the tied end out of the fabric. I recommend hand wash and hang dry to make them last as long as possible. Thank you for supporting me. NOT FOR MEDICAL. 

Cordion Mask - For All Face Sizes

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