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966 TPX 40 T. Dede loves this brand and the feel of the shear.  40 tooth 40 teeth blender blending shear.

Anvil is mom and pop small business based in Indiana that has closed down.  Support them by ordering this shear.  All Sales Final.

966-TPX 7" 440 Molybdenum Stainless Steel Convex Blending Shear

Anvil Shears offer the Professional Groomer the shears needed to do their job on a multitude of dog breeds.

  • Convex Ground, Polished, Assembled and Finished in the USA
  • Made of Molybdenum 440 Vacuum hardened Stainless Steel. 57+or-1 Rockwell-C Hardness
  • Short shanks and Dropped/Offset Thumb handle for reduced hand fatigue
  • 7" Overall Length with a Cutting Length of 2.75"
  • TENSION PROPORTIONING SYSTEM – ANVIL® TPS utilizes a soft nylon washer under the screw head and a conical washer under the clicker plate.The conical shaped washer must compress and stretch to lose its spring tension.The shear’s tension setting is now locked into place until readjusted.
  • 7.0" Overall Length with a Cutting Length of 2.75".

Anvil 40 Tooth Blue Dial thinner blender - Super Gorgeous!

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