Anvil 40T. Dede loves this brand and the feel of the shear.  40 tooth 40 teeth blender blending shear.


966-TPX 7" 440 Molybdenum Stainless Steel Convex Blending Shear

Anvil Shears offer the Professional Groomer the shears needed to do their job on a multitude of dog breeds.

  • Convex Ground, Polished, Assembled and Finished in the USA
  • Made of Molybdenum 440 Vacuum hardened Stainless Steel. 57+or-1 Rockwell-C Hardness
  • Short shanks and Dropped/Offset Thumb handle for reduced hand fatigue
  • 7" Overall Length with a Cutting Length of 2.75"
  • TENSION PROPORTIONING SYSTEM – ANVIL® TPS utilizes a soft nylon washer under the screw head and a conical washer under the clicker plate.The conical shaped washer must compress and stretch to lose its spring tension.The shear’s tension setting is now locked into place until readjusted.
  • Zippered Leather Case, Oiler and Wiping Cloth included
  • 7.0" Overall Length with a Cutting Length of 2.75".

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Anvil 40 Tooth Blue Dial thinner blender