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Apply to pet in bath.  Lather up really well.  Make sure pet is in tub on a groom loop.  Order a groom loop if you need one, it really helps.  Or get a basic lead, to ensure you pet stays in tub for this duration.  Once you lather up let it sit on the pet for up to 10 minutes.  You make the call based on your pets skin health and age of pet. Dede recommends reading the bottle and following it.  She also recommends you use gloves when using this product.  Wash the pet off very good and wash yourself off very good.  Avoid eyes, wear eye protection to be safe!  This is only a 24 hour fix, so you'll need to be prepared and know what to do for your pet monthly.  You can talk to Dede or talk to your Veterinarian.

Adams Flea Product

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