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Read this whole listing please:


Book this session, then call Dede to save your session time.  No call no shows - no refunds.  one cancel allowed with 1 week notice to cancel and reschedule, otherwise no refunds. 


This is a special request.  This is only a 2 hour session. Anything over 2 hours will be paid for onsite.  This is the client volunteering to help and work with Dede while Dede works.  Dede does not chit chat at work, the groom days are usually back to back grooms where dogs must be done in 1 hour time frame.  If you want one hour consultation face to face and one hour watching her groom, please be sure to clearly state this at the time you call Dede to save the time for this visit.  Questions can be answered while you work along side Dede, but completion of the pets is priority.  This visit does require you to help us out too, sweeping, moving the camera around, might even bathe a dog.  This experience is priceless and what you learn here can be used in any environment you work, and you get to walk away and tell everyone you got to work alongside the #1 LIVE YouTube Pet Groomer in the nation! Thank you for your support and your love. Be advised and prepared, that you will be on camera.  Please do not do or say anything that may put you or your career in danger or may create hate to follow you to your home location.  Always be aware and careful of what and how you say it.  If you have any questions, please call and talk to us before you book this.  There are no refunds for this package and you will have six months to set up your 2 hour session.  ALL SALES FINAL. 

2 hour session watching Dede work -QA - Volunteer

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