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July 2009 Newsletter:
Hello Folks,
Welcome to My Favorite Groomer.  (I send out a mass email once a month only).

It has been a wonderful summer.  A lot of things to do, many pet places are coming alive.  You can check
out my meetup group to see the fun places we are going all summer long and maybe even come out for a 

Something else I'd like to mention is a BIG "THANK YOU" to those of you who tip so well during your pets 
grooming session, I have been able to take that extra "thank you" and in the last two months have 
fostered over 4 pets from the local White Settlement Animal Shelter, providing them with food, grooming, 
vaccinations, and more.....your generosity goes a long way, thank you for complimenting me it is so 

I still follow a low cost vaccination clinic on most weekend days and from 9-4 am I'm doing toe nail trims, 
ear cleanings, selling products, anal gland expressions and more.  Come to one of these if you need a 
regular toe nail trim or cheap vaccinations.  The calendar can be found at or .

Fleas are horrific this year, check your pets regularly and make sure your pets are on Frontline or some 
preventative, if you need some give me a call and swing by, they are bad this year; be on the watch.  It's 
important to keep your pet treated, the worry isn't so much in the high cost yard and house treatment, it 
helps a little, but keeping your pet treated is key.  If you do need a home treatment for inside or outside I 
can refer you to the folks I use "Home Team Pest Defense".  Let them know I referred you: .

Below are a list of things that are going on at the Groom Salon that you can take advantage:

July Special is $5 off 3pack of Frontline.  

Reminder that in April 09 we had a price increase if you haven't come in yet, most prices increased on 
average of 5-10$.

Pick Your Own Fragrance- come in and pick out a fragrance for your pet for the in between funkiness.  
$4 a bottle and $2 refills makes changing scents monthly easy (Apricot, Powder, and more!

Bathe-Your-Own-Pet- has become a popular way to get a cheap bath but have hands on fun with your 
pet in our facility.  Leave the mess for us but enjoy a clean smelling dog, make your appointment today.

Join me at  to attend one of the monthly classes I'm holding to 
learn more about your pet(s) as well as see the other pet groups and get involved with a local meetup pet
group to help other doggies have exercise time or just hang out with other dog owners.  Check out my 
groups.  Also, add yourself as a member of my group to keep in loop of our Calendar of events where I 
post other fun dog friendly activities we can all do together.  If you're interested, I'm having a Dinner / 
Jewelry event with Park Lane Jewelry at the marvelous Classic Cafe in Roanoke, no dogs, just doggie 
owners on July 21 at 8pm :)  Come out and join us; log into, join my group and enjoy a great
dinner.  RSVP thru is a must, see you there only 20 slots available.

Quick services offered everyday $10 toe nail trim, $5 ear flushing, $10 anal gland expressions.  If your 
pet loves water, have the right flushing fluid at your house to flush each time he/she plays in the water.  
Ear flushing treatments usually cost about $175 at your local Vet.  Call me if you need the right stuff.

Hair Cut Only Grooms are available for those of your watching your budget or if your pet is a senior 
citizen or facing physical problems.  Bathe your pet at home after the groom and save yourself an 
average of $20.

Petsitting available, call for rates.  We are having a busy 4th of July weekend, be safe while you travel.

Refer a client and receive $5 off your pets next groom, refer more, get cash back!

Check out and see how much you'll love the new dog tags, collars, and leashes I'm 
carrying.  They are absolutely wonderful.  There are new collars on their way from other brands, you're 
gonna love em'.  I'll also begin carrying dog harnesses, let me know if there is something 
you like from their brands.

Lastly, if you are interested in rescuing, adopting, or fostering a pet in need, email me and I'll point you in 
the right direction.  1000's of dogs every day in our local cities are euthanized, let's help find them 

Dede Croy



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