Husky Pet Grooming


This Groom was an intense pet grooming.  The Husky was matted.  Parents are super sweet senior citizens that rescued this baby.  So the pet was very timid.  For his first groom ever he did really good considering it was a full blown pet grooming.  Stabilizing the pet on the table, accomplishing a full shave down, and not knowing anything about his demeanor, all take a roll in completing the groom.   Costed $95 plus tax and parents kindly tipped.  No fleas were found.  No ear infections.  No Anal gland expression.  Pet received Bath, Brush out, Nail Trim, basic Ear Cleaning.  The pet was worried, but kind and humble during the groom.  Completion time was one hour and 10 minutes.


I believe in personal preference in all grooms.  My opinion is what can that pet and pet parent accomplish together in maintenance at home.  Pet parents at different ages and pets with different demeanors may only be able to do so much.  This pet is a large, young pet with senior owners.  I recommend shave down in the summer and minor brushing through the year.  This way it's low maintenance for the pet parents.  However, when it comes to a matted pet I rarely recommend dematting and saving the coat.  If you've ever done my job you will know why.  It's hard on the pet, damaging to the skin, and can be painful, leaving rash burns on the skin (and all skin on all dogs can be different from one another).  All not worth it in my opinion when the alternative is to just remove matts altogether and allow the hair to grow back freshly. 


The first time this baby came in he was still pretty matted. Instead of shaving him at that time we went ahead and did a full brush down only, which took one full hour.  We didn't bath or shave.  We did the brushout, and a slight trim up, and toe nail trim.  Since he was just rescued and timid we didn't want to do too much to him.  He was a pretty worried doggie.  Scared to stand up or get on the table.  But by the end of that one hour you can see his confidence raised and he slowly trusted me.  Amazing!  $60 plus tax.