I'm Dede Croy (Inventor).  I am honored you're interested in the Dogup Stand.  I invented the Dogup Stand.  Tim Lee (Inventor) designed it and brought it to life.  I spent over a year working with the product after we created the first models to make sure it really would work.  That it really would assist pets that either couldn't or wouldn't stand up.

I specialize in senior, disabled, and aggressive pet grooming.  However, not every dog I groom fits this category.  As a matter of fact, many regular mannered dogs, that I groom, just happen to be, what I call, lazy.   Whom just, do NOT want to stand up during the groom.  Sitting back down over and over even after I have been holding the waist up for the entire groom.  Which means, I couldn't use one hand most of the time.  It also meant one hand worked much harder than the other hand, but that both wrists were getting worn out.  Where as, if the pet would just have stood up for a steady 10 minutes I would've been done!

Over this year I groomed many large and small dogs.  Some moved the stand, sat on the stand side ways, kicked the stand out from under them, hopped over the stand, shuffled the stand, but far MORE, did what I needed them to do.  STAND UP while I groomed.

Now, what this product is NOT intended for is hours of use on ONE pet!  If you have a sitter, you need to get in and out of the grooming process. 

Because you are a different groomer than I.  You may use the product in one way and it is not working for you.  I need you to use this product every day.  Get used to using it.  Use it when you need it the most during your pets grooming.  Do NOT use it on the dog for hours.  But, instead, use it off and on during a groom if the groom takes longer than an hour.  Train the dogs you are using it with.  Get them used to it.  Do NOT hike the Dogup Stand too high, it just needs to be right at the tummy or where the dog can feel that a hint of something is there.  Some dogs might forcefully push on it, but for me, this is rare.  Once a pet goes to sit, they feel it and correct themselves up.  Nothing is 100% all the time.  Life isn't this way, traffic isn't this way.  Each dog is going to react differently.  Each groomer is going to react differently.  This product is not designed to be looked at or sat in a corner, or given up on.  This product can sit under a dog just to give it's hips support while you do a nail trim, or even assist a three legged dog, or assist larger dogs that WILL have ACL problems, but used early on, can help slow down the absolute. 

IN MY OPINION - You CAN NOT effectively learn a product with less than usage of 50 pets or 50 times of use with the same pet at the minimum.  However, in most of my Dogup Stand videos, many of these pets, I used the product ONCE and received immediate gratification of the dog standing up.  I have attached all the videos you should watch in grave detail so that you know how to use the product.  The best part of having the right tools, is that you can do the job you need to do.  The next part of having the right tools is knowing how to use the tools. If used properly, this product should not break.  A feisty dog kicked my small Dogup Stand across the room and it did not break, it's still the one I use on all my videos. 

I have taken the time to write this to you and compile videos for you so that you can see how to use this Dogup Stand to the best of your ability.  Once you order, if you have any hold backs, I can offer you to call me direct and set up a time where I can watch you on Facetime or Video Chat using the product.  I can work with you and the pet you are working with real time.  This way I can see exactly what is going on in your environment and be able to guide you in using the tool.  The only way I am able to show you now, is through my videos, and these videos are the reason you are interested in the product.  So, now we need to make sure you know how to put it to use.  Thank you, Dede Croy Cell - 817-676-1585

Most important videos regarding the Dogup Stand. 


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